Club Contacts

President Thomas Hicks
Vice-President Randy Cook
Treasurer Tim Robinson
Secretary Peter Pommerenk

Front: Peter Pommerenk, William Tallent, Randy Cook, Bunny May, Thomas Hicks
Back: Tim Robinson, Jim Martin, Marie Price, Andrew Hoffer, Kimberly Borges
(Not Pictured: Steve Armitage and Tim Wesfall)

Board of Directors
Strider Board Member Phone # Term Expiration
Steve Armitage Please email 2021
Kimberly Borges Please email 2021
Randy Cook Please email 2020
Thomas Hicks Please email 2020
Andrew Hoffer Please email 2020
James Martin Please email 2021
Bunny May Please email 2020
Peter Pommerenk Please email 2021
Marie Price Please email 2021
Tim Robinson Please email 2020
William Tallent Please email 2021
Tim Westfall Please email 2020

Thank you to our departing Board Members for their years of service: Dan Edwards, Stacin Martin, Drew Midland, Steve Shapiro and Scott Ward.

Standing Committees and Service Directory
Committee Name Phone
Adopt-A-Highway Rich Hildreth 481-9027
Adopt-a-Trail Chris Catoe 425-6556
Advisory Sam Wittenberg -
Audit Tim Westfall Please email
Awards Marie Price Please email
Banquet Randy Cook Please email
Budget Tim Robinson Please email
Constitution Randy Cook Please email
Elections Lori Sherwood 406-1247
Grand Prix Running Stacin Martin Please email
Grand Prix Multi-Sport/Triathlon Bob Boyce Please email
Grand Prix Walking/Walking Bunny May Please email
Grand Prix Youth/Youth Steve Sheppard Please email
Hall of Fame VACANT -
History Randy Cook 642-0348
Marketplace William Tallent Please email
Membership Bob Brunner 270-0285
Nominations Rich Hildreth 481-9027
Jean Phelan Please email
Programs Kimberly Borges Please email
Publicity & P.R. Marie Price Please email
Race Committee Rick Brown 499-5506
Dan Edwards 717-0259
Thomas Hicks Please email
Scholarship Dan Edwards 717-0259
Jim Dare Please email
Teams Thomas Hicks Please email
Volunteer Marie Price Please email
Social Media Jean Phelan Please email
Website Manager James Martin Please email

Please contact Thomas Hicks if you are interested in any of the OPEN positions.