The Tidewater Striders Track Club, more commonly known as the Tidewater Striders Running Club, was formed in September, 1972. The club has become the largest running club in the State of Virginia, and one of the ten largest in the United States as part of the Road Runners Club of America. Although the club was originally a haven for runners, it grew to incorporate the sports of race walking and multisport competition, such as the triathlon. Over the years many individuals have contributed to the success of the club, which has continually increased its influence in the Hampton Roads community.

In 2012, Randy Cook, Dave Harrah, and Mel Williams wrote the newest edition of the club’s history, The History of the Tidewater Striders 1972-2012, to document the first 40 years of the club’s activities. They reviewed all archives of the club, including all available copies of the club’s newsletter, correspondence, and minutes of Board meetings, to provide an updated, detailed history including club functions, the newsletter, walking, multisport, youth and other topics of historical interest. This history, broken down into 5 year increments, is available on this site. Annual additions to the history will be posted here as they are completed.

Three other historical accounts of various aspects of the Tidewater Striders are also available. Charles Hester provided coverage of the club for its 18th anniversary. Raymond Ochs updated Hester’s history, providing more detail and coverage through the club’s 25th year. Jordan Levitin, an avid race walker, specifically addressed the role of walking in the club, and provided a highly documented history covering a period of 38 years. The titles of these three historical accounts follow, and all three may be accessed on this site.

WALKER History