2020 Tidewater Striders Grand Prix Standings

FINAL Grand Prix Results

Comprehensive Grand Prix Standings

2020 Tidewater Striders Multi-Sport Grand Prix Standings

Multi-Sport Men

Multi-Sport Women

NOTE: Striders previously enrolled in the Multisport Grand Prix who have not completed a grand prix event in the past two seasons will need to re-signup to be included in this year’s competition.

2020 Tidewater Striders Youth Grand Prix Standings

Youth Grand Prix Results

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Grand Prix – Stacin Martin

Multi Sport Grand Prix – Bob Boyce

Youth Grand Prix – YGP Contact

Walking Grand Prix – Bunny May

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Multi Sport Sign up – http://liveanswer.net/newenergy/MSGrandprixsignup.html

Youth Grand Prix Sign up – Runsignup New Energy