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The Walkers Corner (December 2022)

WALKER Interest List…

Are you interested in RACE Walking, POWER Walking, in it for the Fitness?
Do you need a partner or group to workout with? Check out this LIST of various types of WALKERS who are interested too. You may know one or two of them. Reach out and form groups and start hitting the pavement together.


Want to be added to (or deleted from) this list, please contact:


Race Walking in a Community Event is much more relaxed. While there may be officials on the course, they are only monitoring that the identified Walker is only WALKING. No running, jogging, hopping, skipping etc. You may be training as a Race Walker or Power Walker honing your technique and increasing your speed or you may be out there just to have some fun, fitness and/or working up to being more competitive. The idea is that you are there walking and enjoying the company of other race participants.

Carefully look at the Race registration form. If the Event designates a Walk Division, then make sure you are ONLY going to walk that race. If you want to Run some and Walk some, then sign in as a Runner. Some forms may even say: Run Run/Walk Walk. If you signed up as a Walker, your bib may be marked/or you are assigned a different type of bib. If Officials on the course note that you were found to be running/jogging etc. they will let the Race Director know and you will be reassigned to the Run/Walk or Run designation. This allows Walkers to be competitive with other Walkers.


Power Walking is very similar to Race Walking as it includes a monitored event in which an athlete can be disqualified. What is different is that Power Walking does not have the same technical requirements. The requirement differences include:
1. One foot on the ground is required at all times (may result in a red card or eventual disqualification)
2. Advancing foot-strike must be heel-to-toe at all times (striking with toe or ball of foot is considered running-may result in a red card or eventual disqualification)
3. No “Creeping”, where the advancing leg is stretched forward beyond a normal walk form, and the knee is bent into a running form (may result in a red card or eventual disqualification)
4. A slightly bent knee is the accepted form. A bent knee in a running or jogging form is not acceptable.
5. No running or jogging (will lead to a red card and possible disqualification)
6. Any of the above violations within the last 100 meters (as determined by a single judge or monitor) is cause for IMMEDIATE disqualification.
7. Persons requiring a cane as an aid will be allowed to compete. Walking sticks or walkers are not allowed.


Race walking is an event contested in all levels of the sport of track & field. Race walking combines the endurance of the long-distance runner with the attention to technique of a hurdler or shot putter. Producing less impact, this technically demanding event continues to grow in popularity across the younger and older age groups for its fitness and competitive aspects.

Race walking differs from running in that it requires the competitor to:
1: Maintain contact with the ground at all times
2: Requires the leading leg to be straightened as the foot makes contact with the ground. The leg must remain straightened until it passes under the body.
Judges evaluate the technique of race walkers and report fouls which may lead to disqualification. All judging is done by the eye of the judge and no outside technology is used in making judging decisions.

Downloaded edited from USATF Website 6/18/2020

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Places to Walk…

  • Mount Trashmore – Virginia Beach
  • First Landing State Park -Virginia Beach
  • Oak Grove
  • Fort Monroe
  • Dismal Swamp Canal – Chesapeake
  • Sandy Bottom Nature Park – Hampton
  • AllTrails

Group Walks/Training Events/Clinics

If you are interested in helping to organize a Group Walk or Training Event/Clinic, Please contact us via email:

WALKER History…

An article by Steve Durrant, Developing Organized Walking within a Running Club


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