2022 Tidewater Striders Grand Prix Standings

Striders Grand Prix Results

NOTE: ALL Members need to sign up for the 2022 Grand Prix as we are starting a new tracking method.

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2022 Tidewater Striders Multi-Sport Grand Prix Standings

Multi-Sport Men

Multi-Sport Women

NOTE: Striders previously enrolled in the Multisport Grand Prix who have not completed a grand prix event in the past two seasons will need to re-signup to be included in this year’s competition.

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2022 Tidewater Striders Youth Grand Prix Standings

Youth Grand Prix Results



2022 Tidewater Striders Walkers Grand Prix Standings

No results being recorded for 2022 at this time. We need to boost more interest in the WALKERS division.
Contact Bunny May (see below).


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Grand Prix – Chris Novakoski

Multi Sport Grand Prix – Bob Boyce

Youth Grand Prix – YGP Contact

Walking Grand Prix – Bunny May