Tidewater Striders Grand Prix

  • Rules
    2016 Grand Prix Rules
    Coming soon!
1/9 Distance Series 6 & 10 Miler
2/20 Distance Series 12 & 20 Miler
3/20 Shamrock Half & Full Marathon
4/23 Spring to Life 5K
5/28 ERR 10K
6/11 Strider Mile
7/26 Memorial 5K
7/31 Strider 10 Miler (date TBC)
10/1 Neptune 8K
?/? Strider timed event in October TBC
11/24 Turkey Trot 10K
12/17 Seashore 50K

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2016 Grand Prix Standings

Any questions, please contact Marie Price via e-mail.

Tidewater Striders Multi-Sport Grand Prix

  • Rules
    2016 Multi-Sport Grand Prix Rules
    For 2016, please contact Lisa Armistead if you would like to participate; ljarmistead@cox.net or (757)748-7512.

    An individual must be a Strider member in good standing and complete a minimum 3 out of the 16 races.

    You do not need to score in 3 races – just complete 3. Points are awarded for placing first through tenth (25, 20, 16, 13, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2) in your Grand Prix age group.

    Volunteering is not a requirement; if you do volunteer, you will be awarded 50 points.

    To receive volunteer points:
    You have to volunteer at one Strider function (e.g. pre-race, day of Strider race, or any other opportunity by contacting the volunteer coordinator listed in the Run Down). If it is a “Strider Supported” race, volunteering must be performed under the direction of the finish line crew.

    Volunteering must be performed before 12-1-2016. All volunteering after this date will count towards 2017.

    The Multi-Sport Grand Prix will follow the USAT Age Group Rules. Your age group placement will be calculated based on your age as of 12/31/16.

    Divisions will consist of Overall Men and Women, Masters Men and Women (40 and over) and Age Group Men and Women.

    Age groups are 19 and under, and five year increments after that (i.e. 20-24, 25-29, 30-34…up to 70 and over)

    End of year awards will be given to the top three finishers in each age group and to the top three in the overall and masters divisions at the annual Awards Banquet usually held in February.

    An individual is eligible for only one award. The Grand Prix committee reserves the right to substitute races in the event of a cancellation.

4/2 Smithfield Sprint
4/3 Virginia Duathlon
5/7 Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon
5/14 Cary Duathlon Long Course
5/21 General Smallwood International
6/5 Breezy Point Triathlon
6/12 Jamestown Triathlon
7/9 Colonial Beach Sprint
7/10 Colonial Beach International
7/16 Allen Stone Run~Swim~Run
7/16 Tidewater Sprint
7/31 Culpepper International
8/21 Luray Sprint
9/10 Patriots Half
9/17 Outer Banks International
10/1 Waterman's Half

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2016 Multisport Standings

Tidewater Striders Youth Grand Prix

  • Rules
    2016 Youth Grand Prix Rules


    Eligibility Requirements:
    A runner must be a Tidewater Strider Member in good standing. 
A runner must be age 16 or under on July 1st of that YGP season. 
A runner must complete a minimum five (5) events in the YGP schedule. (You do not need to score points in five (5) races, but just complete five (5) races.) 

    To clarify, if you want to participate in the 1 mile YGP you must run a minimum of 5 (1 mile races), the 5K YGP you have to run a minimum of 5 5k races. Participation in the New Energy Youth group is not a requirement for YGP, but is highly encouraged.
 To enter the Youth Grand Prix, click “Join Us” on the New Energy web page.

    All Tidewater Strider Youth Grand Prix races will be one mile events for the 1 mile YGP and 5k’s for the 5K YGP. The 
schedule will be posted online under Grand Prix 2016 Schedule.

    YGP Age Groups:
    Male: 6 and under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16
    Female: 6 and under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16

    Your YGP age group is determined by your age on July 1st. (Examples below)
1. If a runner’s birthday is 4/15/2001, which makes their age 15 on 7/1/2016, then their YGP age group is 15-16 for all events in 2016 YGP series. 
2. If a runner’s birthday is 8/15/2001, which makes their age 14 on 7/1/2016, then their YGP age group is 13-14 for all events in 2016 YGP series.

    Awards and Points:
    End of year awards will be presented at season ending YGP Awards Party to the top three finishers in each age group based on total points accumulated. 
Points are awarded for placing first though fifth (10, 8, 6, 4, 1) in your Youth Grand Prix age group. Points are awarded to eligible youth Tidewater Strider Members regardless of place in field.
 Volunteering is not a requirement, but if you do volunteer, you will be awarded a one-time bonus of 10-points. Volunteer service must be provided at a Tidewater Strider Event prior to the end of the YGP season. (Volunteering at the last race of the YGP season will count, i.e. helping at the Turkey Trot water stops)
 . A runner must be a Tidewater Strider member in good standing by the end of the month in which an event is run to be eligible for points for that event. No back dating of points from prior events will occur, unless an omission or miscalculation of an eligible runner.

    Updated YGP Standings will be posted within one week or as soon as possible after the completion of each YGP event. YGP Standings will be posted using your July 1st age group.

    There will be awards for the 1mile series and awards for the 5k series. Same rules apply for each and you may participate in both series although you may only earn points in the 5k race if you run both the one mile and 5k race at an event on the same day.

    Note: The Youth Grand Prix committee reserves the right to substitute races in the event of a cancellation.

3/6 Pembroke Meadows 1M
4/23 Spring to Life 1M
4/24 Thoroughgood 1M
5/? Bells Mill 1M
5/28 ERR 1M
6/4 OK5K 1M
6/11 Strider Mile
8/? Sleepy Hole 1M
9/25 Alanton 1M
10/1 Neptune Festival 1M
10/16 Lions Club 1M
11/24 Turkey Trot 1M
3/5 Cox Falcon 5K
4/23 Spring to Life 5K
5/? Bells Mill 5K
5/30 RRR 5K
6/4 OK5K
7/4 Run for Independence
7/26 Memorial Scholarship 5K
8/? Sleepy Hole 5K
10/1 Neptune Festival 5K
10/16 Lions Club 5K
11/12 Runway 5K
12/10 Holly Jolly 5K

2016 YGP Chairman (Debbie Redmond) contact email is stridersygp@gmail.com

A runner can participate in both the one mile and 5K series but not on the same day…if they run both races on the same day, only the 5K counts.

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2016 YGP One Mile Standings – Girls | Boys

2016 YGP 5K Standings – Girls | Boys

Tidewater Striders Walking Grand Prix & Participation

  • Rules

    Grand Prix points will be awarded to the first 10 Tidewater Strider member finishers as follows: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

    The top five (5) men and women competing in at least five (5) races and receiving three (3) judging credits will receive Grand Prix awards.
    Only the top seven (7) races for each individual will be scored for the final Grand Prix standings. All races will count for Participation.
    The top five (5) individuals, either male or female, earning the most points that do not win a Walker Grand Prix award will receive a Walk Participation Award.

    You must be a Tidewater Strider member no later than the day of the race to earn any points. You must participate in at least 6 races as either a competitor or a judge to qualify for a Walk Participation Award. One participation point is awarded for each kilometer in a race.

    Those interested in being a part of  the Tidewater Striders Walk and Participation Grand Prixs must declare their intention to participate to Hartley Dewey at HFDewey@aol.com BEFORE doing their first Walk Grand Prix race. Failure to declare will result in no points being awarded. However, there will not be a penalty for declaring and failing to meet all the other requirements. Those new members who join the Striders during the current year, should contact Hartley Dewey at any time during the year providing there are at least 5 races left on the Grand Prix schedule.

    1. Walkers must judge that walkers do not run or jog a Walk Grand Prix race at least three times. (You do not have to be certified to do this judging.) At USATF judged races the race management personnel (starter, timer, recorders, lap counters, red card runners, aid/water station operators, etc.) receive participation points but no credit for judging.
    2. Races that are equal to or more than a half marathon receive 2 judging credits.
    3. The chief judge and race director for each race will be awarded an additional 5 Walk Participation points.
1/1 Resolution 5K
1/9 Distance Series 6M *
1/9 Distance Series 10M *
1/30 Distance Series 10M *
1/30 Distance Series 15M *
2/20 Distance Series 12M *
2/20 Distance Series 20M *
4/9 Dismal Swamp Stomp 1/2 Marathon
5/1 JFS 5K
5/28 ERR 10K *
6/11 1500m Racewalk *
7/4 Independence Day 5K
7/26 Memorial Scholarship 5K *
7/31 Strider Summer 10 Miler *
10/1 Neptune Festival 8K
10/22 BooYah 5K
11/5 One Hour Postal Racewalk *
11/12 Yeah Buddy 1/2 Marathon
12/10 Holly Jolly 5K
* Denotes a Golden Runner race

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2016 Walking Participation Standings
2016 Walking Grand Prix Standings

Schedules may change due to race dates not confirmed or canceled.