What is the most common sexual dysfunction in men?

Premature ejaculation.

How to use Kamagra and where to buy it?

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What is the age statistics here?

It does not depend on age. Unlike erectile dysfunction, where statistics increase with age, premature ejaculation occurs equally often in all ages: about 30% of men have signs of premature ejaculation.

What are the ways to deal with this disorder?

There are two global types of this disorder: inherent and acquired. Inherent can be features of the nervous system; it can be treated with drugs that increase the amount of serotonin in the brain – it helps to control ejaculation. Inherent can be excessive inertia – many nerve endings in the penis. Then we carry out a surgical correction, reducing the number of nerves in the genital: such an operation gives a lifelong effect. The second type of premature ejaculation is acquired. All was well, and suddenly this problem occurs. The reason for this can be in diseases like erectile dysfunction, hyperhidrosis – hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, chronic prostatitis. Almost all of these conditions are well treated; you just need to understand the reasons.

Male infertility: do you statistically observe its rejuvenation?

Yes, it is getting younger, and there are objective reasons for that. The first is that they started talking about it openly, people started to seek medical help more often, and we saw that there were a lot of young patients. The second reason: male infertility can be caused by quite a large number of diseases occurring at a young age, related to lifestyle. A young person is sexually more sociable, he can have many sexual encounters, and these contacts are not always properly protected. There are infections not necessarily sexual, but causing inflammation in the reproductive system.

And a man’s reproductive system is, in fact, one long tube, the diameter of which in the initial department – the testicles – less than a millimeter, so any inflammation in it blocks it, which can lead to catastrophic consequences, up to blockages of spermatogenesis. This version of infertility has become quite common in young men as a consequence of inflammatory processes.

What else can lead to male infertility?

Lifestyle: unhealthy food, low physical activity, and – as a result – changes in the body that disrupt spermatogenesis when the sperm factory stops its work: either a complete lack of sperm production or very small products that prevent them from entering the external environment. It is the so-called secretory version of infertility, also often found at a young age. This type of infertility can also be caused by genetic abnormalities, which are now quite easy to diagnose.

Sports loads and sexual function – where are the dangers, where are the risks?

If we are not talking about superloads of professional sports, then the physical activity is extremely useful for sexual function – both sexual and reproductive. If a man is physically active, he has good vascular channels, no excess weight – all this has a very positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive system.