Training for the Elizabeth River Run

Saturday May 26th, 2012

This mini web site has been put together for anyone interested in training for the Elizabeth River Run, which this year takes place on Saturday, May 26th. If you want to train for this race, you will find the following information on this Website:

  • Training Tips for Runners - Although these brief tips have been developed by the Lilac Bloomsday Committee primarily for young runners, they are applicable to all. These training tips cover such topics as running safety, walking and running, shoes, breathing and other important considerations.
  • Basic Training Program - The basic training program is designed to train novice runners to complete a 10-kilometer road race, either by running or a combination of running/walking. An 8-week program is presented.
  • Advanced Training Program - The advanced training schedule is designed to improve speed in runners who already are training about 15-20 miles per week. A 10-week program is presented, although the duration may be shortened to meet individual needs.
  • Tips for Weight Control - As loss of excess body fat is one of the means to help you run faster, some basic guidelines for safe and effective weight loss will be presented.

Material originally published as "The Fit for the River Run Program" by Mel Williams.