2017 Tidewater Striders Grand Prix Standings

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Please note, the 2017 Grand Prix scoring is a work in progress.

Grand Prix – Tim Robinson

Multi Sport Grand Prix – Lisa Armistead

Youth Grand Prix – Debbie Redmond

Walkers Grand Prix – walkers@tidewaterstriders.com

Multi-Sport and Youth Grand Prix Instructions

Clicking on the button below will take you to our Dashboard Login

You must login in using the following:

User Name = GP@Striders.com
Password = Striders2017

When the Dashboard opens scroll to find your Grand Prix Table. Hover over your Age Group and click open to see detailed view.

You can sort and scroll within each detailed view by using your mouse to click on a field header. It will sort in ascending and descending order.

You can view specific race results by using the slide bar at the bottom of the detailed view while left clicking (and holding the left click) on your mouse.

Dashboard Login

Sign up Links

Multi Sport Sign up – http://liveanswer.net/newenergy/MSGrandprixsignup.html

Youth Grand Prix Sign up – http://liveanswer.netfirms.com/New%20Energy.HTML