Club Contacts

President Steve Shapiro 592-6720
Vice-President Tom Randolph 718-9460
Treasurer Dan Edwards 717-0259
Secretary Randy Cook 642-0348
Board of Directors
Strider Board Member Phone # Term Expiration
Randy Cook 642-0348 2018
Jennifer Cowell 692-7886 2017
Jim Dare Please email 2018
Dan Edwards 717-0259 2017
Gene Edwards Please email 2018
Stephanie Manny 374-7340 2018
Drew Midland 630-1366 2017
Marie Price Please email 2017
Tom Randolph 718-9460 2017
Debbie Redmond 486-2184 2018
Tim Robinson 377-4180 2018
Steve Shapiro 592-6720 2017
Standing Committees and Service Directory
Committee Name Phone
Adopt-A-Highway Rich Hildreth 481-9027
Adopt-a-Trail Chris Catoe 425-6556
Advisory Sam Wittenberg
Audit Tim Robinson 496-9057
Awards Barb Mathewson 348-7038
Budget Dan Edwards 717-0259
Constitution Tom Randolph 718-9460
Elections Susan Snead 285-7716
Grand Prix Running Tim Robinson 377-4180
Grand Prix Multi-Sport Lisa Armistead 748-7512
Grand Prix Walking Tom Gerhardt
Grand Prix Youth Debbie Redmond
Hall of Fame Bee Mcleod
History Jim Dare
Marketplace Dave Harrah 636-2204
Membership Bob Brunner 270-0285
Multisport Gene Bachman
Nominations Rich Hildreth 481-9027
Jean Phelan
Programs Jean Phelan
Publicity & P.R. Drew Midland 630-1366
Marie Price
Race Committee Rick Brown 499-5506
Dan Edwards 717-0259
Scholarship Dan Edwards 717-0259
Jim Dare
Teams Gene Edwards
Walk Committee Chair Tom Gerhardt
Web/Social Media Tommy Neeson 289-5676
Drew Midland 630-1366
Website Manager Steve Speirs Please email
Youth Programs Angelo Celesia 288-7715

Please contact Steven Shapiro if you are interested in any of the OPEN positions.