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2011 Multi-Sport Grand Prix Information

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:48 pm
by jamesmartin

Starting with the first Multi-Sport event in 2011, those
interested in being in the Tidewater Striders Multi-Sport
Grand Prix need to contact the Multi-Sport Grand Prix
coordinator requesting your desire to be entered into the
2011 Strider Multi-Sport Grand Prix.

Each Strider member still needs to complete 3 of the
Multi-Sport Grand Prix events in order to be eligible for
an award at the annual Awards Banquet. This change
will allow the coordinator to concentrate on those
individuals planning on participating in at least 3 of the

Currently, all Strider (approximately 1800) members
are being tracked. This is very time consuming after the
majority of the Multi-Sport Strider Grand Prix events.

Those new members who join the Striders in 2011,
can provide their data to the Multi-Sport Grand Prix
coordinator of their interest in the Grand Prix at that time,
provided there are 3-races left, otherwise, they will be
tracked beginning in 2012. The Multi-Sport Grand Prix
coordinator will begin a Spreadsheet for 2011 starting
now. Please provide your name, gender and age to