Saturday walks August 2nd

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Saturday walks August 2nd

Postby paulawalks » Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:30 pm

7am for 12 miles at varying paces depending on who shows up. Figure on 15ish minutes per mile but there may be a bit faster and slower break outs so come on out and meet up with the person(s) walking your pace. They do 2 mile loops counter clockwise so if you don't start with them at 7 you can catch up with them later by walking the other direction or by waiting at the normal meeting spot until they come around.
Heather might be there earlier than 7 to warm up, so if you want to meet up with her email before Friday at 7:00 pm and I will put you in touch. Once the rest of the crew gets there she will walk with them.

8:30 am – There will be someone to meet anyone starting at 8:30. The pace will be 18 - 19 minute miles for one 2 mile loop counterclockwise. This group is good for people just getting started with fitness walking or coming back from an injury. Once the first 2 mile loop is done walk your own distance and pace.
After everyone is done with their walks, many go to Breugger’s at Town Center to refuel.

Make sure you leave enough time to get parked and to the meeting place before the posted start for your group.

Meeting place for all groups is at Mt Trashmore in the lot facing Edwin at the car entrance which is directly across from the side street named "Expressway Dr." If you have joined us before and know the route your pace group takes you can join up with them at any point in the walk by walking the opposite direction of what is stated below for each group. Normally the groups make a quick stop at the cars for fluids so that is another time when you can meet up with them. If there is an event and the parking is full in the Edwin lot there is parking on the street on the Expressway Drive side street.

If you want to let us know you are coming or if you have questions you can e-mail If you have questions send your e-mail before 8:30 on Friday evening.
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