1. Up for auction are 4 complementary entries to the 2013 Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon. The bids will pay for the entry, plus a VIP pass for the race.
    The VIP pass includes a special section before the race that offers separate porta potties, separate baggage check, a continental breakfast, and is located next to the start line so the winning entrant does not have to go to his or her corral, but can wait for the corral to come to them and enter it at the start line.
    At the finish the VIP entrant will exit from the finish line into a special section where his/her baggage will be and which includes a buffet lunch, all the beer or mimosas they care to drink, and separate bathrooms.
  2. Also up for auction are 4 VIP tickets for the concert. These include a buffet dinner behind the stage, all the beer or wine they care to drink, and seats in the first five rows. Depending on the whims of the band they may also include an opportunity to meet the band members.
  3. Finally, 2 sole VIP passes are available for the race with all the amenities listed, but no complementary entry.

Bidding will end at the Strider Picnic on August 3rd. The highest bidders win the items. Payment will be accepted in the form of check, cash or credit card. Once payment is made, your item will be mailed to you. Bids are for ONE entry or ONE concert ticket. Winning bidders can purchase as many as they wish at their winning price. Concert tickets can be purchased in multiple of TWO only – (i.e. two tickets or four tickets, not three tickets.) Winning bidders will be contacted after the Silent Auctions ends.

Let the bidding begin — name your price, any price!

Please direct any Silent Auction questions to Rich Hildreth.

Please send bids to webmanager@tidewaterstriders.com clearly stating which item number you are bidding on. The list below will be updated on an ongoing basis.

List of current bids (updated 8/2/13):
Randy Cook #1 – $25
Andrew Hoffer #1 – $30
Amy Jo Townley #1 – $40
Andrew Hoffer #1 – $45
Amy Jo Townley #1 – $50
Randy Cook #1 – $50
Andrew Hoffer #1 – $55
Amy Jo Townley #1 – $60
Andrew Hoffer #1 – $65
David Johnson #2 – $20
Marie Price #3 – $15
Bill Price #3 – $15
Randy Cook #1 – $55
Rhoda Carroll #1 – $100
Rhoda Carroll #2 – $25
Rhoda Carroll #3 – $50