Upcoming Strider Club Events

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Important Dates

  • September 17th – Adopt-a-Highway
  • September 21st – Deadline for October e-RUNDOWN Articles
  • October 15th – Adopt-a-Trail
  • October 25th – Deadline for November e-RUNDOWN Articles
  • November 1st – Deadline for Hall of Fame class of 2018 nominations
  • November 12th – Adopt-a-Highway
  • November 20th – Deadline for December e-RUNDOWN Articles
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Recent Tweets

  • STRIDER GROUP TRAIL RUN SUNDAY 9/23/14 at 7A.M. Week 1 Run description - Coach Elliot Nuss will lead.... https://t.co/Zleje6xflO
    [1 day ago]
  • #TBT enjoy some of our very favorite memories...again https://t.co/I12B1l5soB
    [2 days ago]
  • New Energy POWER for tonight is cancelled. Even if it does clear up, our practice grounds will be a muddy mess.
    [4 days ago]
  • The Tidewater Striders Running Walking Multisport Club Adopt-a-Highway took place and we have pix to prove it!!... https://t.co/weddPreFIm
    [4 days ago]
  • Seashore Nature Trail has 20 remaining entry spots left. Registration will close once those spots are filled.... https://t.co/CBTC8CHFWI
    [5 days ago]